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American Master of Wine, Lisa Granik, wrote a book on Georgian wine

American Master of Wine, Lisa Granik, wrote a book on Georgian wine

American master of wine, head of the National Wine Agency contractor American company Tastingwork - Lisa Granick, wrote a book on wines, “The Wines of Georgia”.

The electronic version of the book is available on the website of the Classic Wine Library, which contains books written by world experts on wine and spirits:

In her 336-page book, Lisa Granik writes about Georgia's 8,000-year history and culture of viticulture and winemaking, and its potential. As noted in the book's annotation, despite its 8,000-year history of independence, Georgia has revived the traditions of winemaking and local, unique vine varieties for the last 25 years.

Master of wine has been working on the book for several years; she has traveled all regions of winemaking in Georgia, meeting with winemakers from all corners. Along with the history and modernity of the wine industry, in his work the author also describes the traditions of the Georgian “Supra” and the sites that attracts the reader and makes them with to travel in the country along with the tasting Georgian wine. 

The book is of particular importance for the promotion and recognition of Georgian wine culture worldwide. 

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