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The film “Georgia - Homeland of Wine” was awarded a special prize

The film “Georgia - Homeland of Wine” was awarded a special prize

A special prize was awarded to the film "Georgia Homeland of Wine " at the ceremony held in the Palace of Luxemburg, Paris.

Georgian science fiction documentary film "Georgia – Homeland of Wine" received a special prize of Science and Culture prescribed by the organizers of the festival of the photography and cinematography “Oenovideo” in Marseilles, France on June 13-16. Traditionally, this award is given to a French or foreign film that represents the cultural and scientific tradition or method of wine and vine heritage. This year, 144 films from around the world participated at the festival's selection stage.

Author of the film idea and cognitive producer, Deputy Head of the National Wine Agency Davit Tkemaladze attended the awarding ceremony in Paris.

The film "Georgia Homeland of Wine" is dedicated to the international scientific research, which scientifically proved that Georgia is the homeland of wine and the first wine production in our country started 8000 years ago, which continued until modern times.

The science-fiction documentary film was made with the support of the National Wine Agency of the Ministry of Environment Protection and Agriculture of Georgia and Sakpatenti, the Georgian Intellectual Property Agency. The director of the 40-minute film is Aleksandre Gabunia. Filming took place at various times in Georgia and the US, as well as in Italy and France. The film was shot on the basis of the “Cineman Film Studio”.

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