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Vintage in Racha region

Vintage in Racha region

As of October 11, 250 tons of grapes (Mujuretuli and Aleqsandrouli) were collected and delivered in Racha. Vintage Coordination HQ located in the city of Ambrolauri is mobilized to allow harvest storing in organized way and to enable all growers to deliver harvest. This year, about 1500 tons of Khvanchkara crop varieties - Mujuretuli and Aleqandrouli are expected to be harvested.
Today, 10 wine producing companies are receiving grapes from local winemakers in different locations in Ambrolauri municipality. Vintage Coordination HQ has registered 40 wine production companies, which will be involved in the process of purchasing grapes from the population.
Ampelographers are included in the vintage process to protect breed accuracy.
Vintage is coming to an end in the Kakheti region, where grapes harvested this year have reached a record level of almost 30 years: 267,000 tons of grapes have been processed.
Interested parties can obtain vintage information at the Ministry of Environment and Agriculture hotline - 1501.

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