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Vintage in Kakheti is going on without interruption

Vintage in Kakheti is going on without interruption

During Kakheti vintage 2019, 11 thousand tons of grapes were processed during the last 24 hours, which is the highest figure in the last 30 years.

According to Levan Mekhuzla, the head of Vintage Coordination HQ, under such high processing conditions, the flow of grape-loaded cars has naturally increased, however, the staff is managing the rows well and the growers have no issued with the grapes delivery.

“Vintage in Kakheti is in its peak phase. The high rate of daily processing is due to the large harvest of grapes, and we know that due to the almost a week-long rain in September, the vintage process started relatively late. The process of receiving grapes from wine cellars is related to a certain technological process and each car needs at least half an hour for service. It also depends on the technical capabilities of winey, in some cases it may take longer. Vintage coordination HQ members are mobilized to prevent large queues at wine factories in such high processing conditions. In case of large flows of vehicles by wineries, they will be readdressed to nearby wineries, ” Levan Mekhuzla says.

As of September 20, 10:00, over 91,000 tons of grapes have been processed in Kakheti: 60,000 tons of Rkatsiteli, 25,000 tons of Saperavi, 3,000 tons of Kakhetian Green and the rest of different varieties. More than 80 wine cellars are involved in the processing of grapes daily.

Vintage 2019 Coordination HQ is located in Telavi, Hotel Wine Hotel Telavi (97 Alazani St.). The HQ operates 24 hours a day for active communication between state agencies, entrepreneurs and growers. Interested parties can obtain vintage information at the Ministry of Environment and Agriculture hotline - 1501.

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