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Georgian Qvevri Presentation was held in Poland

Georgian Qvevri Presentation was held  in Poland

Georgian Qvevri presentation was held at large-scale folk festival  „Pannonica folk festival 2019“ in Poland. The project aims to introduce and popularize the whole cycle of Qvevri-making and using process. During the festival, movie “Made in Qvevri” was screened, which describes Georgian wine culture and Qvevri making technology. 

Demonstration of kiln was also held during the festival. Thanks to the fact that  the event was held in the central part of the festival, many people could find out what the Qvevri is.   

In 2013 the Georgian traditional method of Qvevri winemaking, was granted UNESCO's intangible cultural heritage status, which indicates the uniqueness of this method and is a message to the whole world that wine is part of ancient Georgian culture.

The festival also hosted workshops on wine knowledge led by the head of the National Wine Agency contractor company “Vinisefra” - Mariusz Kapczynski. According to her, the visitors were impressed by Georgian wine and culture. For tasting, they mainly intended Qvevri wines, as a part of  the  idea -what they wanted to show people by  Made in Qvevri project. The event was visited by many journalists and people from the media. 

Poland is strategic  market for Georgian wine exports, where, with the fynding of the National Wine Agency, various  marketing activities are carried out. Poland has gained it’s place in the first five of Georgian wine importer countries. According to the data of 8 months of the current year, over 2.5 mil bottles of wine have been exported from Georgia to Poland, growth amounted to 20%.

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