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Vintage 2019 Coordination HQ has begun work

Vintage 2019 Coordination HQ has begun work

Levan Mekhuzla, Chairman of the National Wine Agency, held a briefing on vintage 2019 preparations and expectations.
Vintage 2019 Coordination HQ has started working in Telavi. Part of the staff of the National Wine Agency is already in Telavi Municipality and preparation of the vintage process has started.
According to Levan Mekhuzla, some difficulties are expected in the field of viticulture and winemaking this year, as there have been many negative expectations in this market lately, which may eventually have a negative impact on private sector activity.
"Despite the above-mentioned, the National Wine Agency is maximally mobilized to assist wine-growers in resolving possible problems in grape deliveries and to ensure that the vintage 2019 will pass without any delays," the chairman of the National Wine Agency said.
Following the political events of summer 2019, the decline in exports to the largest export market for Georgian wine -  Russia, Russia's possible the imposition of sanctions on Georgian wine imports, there was an expectation that the demand of winemakers for buying grapes would decline in this year's vintage. Producers say they will deliver fewer grapes than planned, as they may have problems selling wine. Georgia exported 4 522 250 bottles of wine from Georgia to Russia in May, 4 209 866 bottles in June and decreased to 3 550 264 bottles in July, which is 27% lower than the export index for July 2018, 28% lower than in May 2019 and 18%  less than the data of 2019.
However, a healthy, competitive the environment in the winemaking industry in recent years has made it possible partially for vintage 2017 and fully for vintage 2018 to be carried out without state subsidies for the first time. In 2018, a record number -over 230,000 tones of grapes were produced, and growers' revenues exceeded 300 million GEL. In addition, up to 250,000 tones of grapes are expected in the Kakheti region this year, which also creates lower demand expectations for grapes on the free market, especially on white grape varieties.
Vintage 2019 Coordination HQ is located in The Wine Hotel Telavi (97 Alazani str.) in Telavi and will operate 24/7 for an active communication between state agencies, entrepreneurs and winemakers. Vintage-related information is available on the hotline of the Ministry of Defense and Agriculture - 1501.

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