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During vintage 2019, in the Kvareli and Gurjaani viticulture regions, delivering protected appellation grape varieties "Kindzmarauli", "Akhasheni", “Kvareli” and “Mukuzani” will be conducted  only on the basis of the vineyard cadastre extraction.  
In case of absence of the above-mentioned document, the grapes will be assessed as a wine variety coloring material.
The National Wine Agency has started issuing the extraction of vineyards in Kvareli and Gurjaani municipalities for those viticulturists and  companies already registered in the vineyard cadastre database.
Until July 31, 2019, National Wine Agency employees will assist viticulturists and companies in Kvareli and Gurjaani municipalities in updating vineyards extraction.
After receiving the extraction of vineyards, viticulturists and companies must verify the information given in the vineyard extraction and agree to its contents.
This process will be completed on 31 July 2019.
Vineyard extraction is a vineyard cadastre document and contains information about viticulturists and companies (name, identification number) and vineyard characteristics (location, area according to individual varieties, year of planting, etc.).
The creation of the national cadastre of Georgian vineyards will contribute to improving Georgian wine quality competitiveness on the world wine market, promote simplification and transparency of vintage processes.
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