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Natural Wine Festival is being held in Tbilisi

Natural Wine Festival is being held in Tbilisi

International Wine Festival "ZERO COMPROMISE" is being held in Tbilisi. The event is organized by the Natural Wine Association and supported by LEPL National Wine Agency. About 70 local wine cellars and natural wine producers from different countries around the world participate in the festival.

The main goal of the festival is to popularize Georgian wine on the international level, increase the level of wine education in Georgia, increase consumer culture and development of wine tourism.

The festival held in the area of old silk factory is attended by importers, wine writers and journalists from Italy, Japan, Germany, Portugal, Netherlands, Canada, from around 13 countries around the world, who arrived in Georgia specially for this event. This allows local cellars to introduce their wines to potential buyers, which is especially important for cellars who are not participating in international exhibitions in different countries.

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