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Up to 70 Wine Professionals Will Visit Georgia

Up to 70 Wine Professionals Will Visit Georgia

 Up to 70 wine professionals from different countries are visiting Georgia this week, who will attend the Natural Wine Festival “ZERO COMPROMISE” on May 10 and "New Wine Festival" scheduled for May 11.

Masters of wine, sommeliars, wine importers, wine writers, bloggers and media representatives from Italy, Canada, Poland, the USA, Sweden, Denmark, France, Sweden, Austria, Croatia, Slovenia and Japan will visit.

Some of the guests have already arrived in Georgia and are exploring Georgian wine-making cellars and companies in various regions of Georgia. Among the guests is Isabel Lejeron, a famous French master of wine, as well as French winemakers Thierry Puzla, Italian winemaker Yoshko Gravner, who has contributed to the promotion of Georgian wine.

“ZERO COMPROMISE” is organized by "Natural Wine Association" and "New Wine Festival" is organized by "Georgian Wine Club". Both events are carried out with the support of the National Wine Agency.

 "New Wine Festival" has the 10th anniversary and will be held in Mtatsminda Park. While "Zero Compromise" is held for the fourth time and this year it will be in the Silk Factory area (Kostava N59). The "New Wine Festival" will begin with the traditional opening of “Qvevri” and Georgian folk song “Mravalzhamieri”.

The main goal of both festivals is to popularize Georgian wine, raise the level of wine education in Georgia and enhance consumer culture.

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