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Submitting Report to the Parliament

Submitting Report to the Parliament

In formation about the activities carried by the LEPL National Wine Agency was heard at the Agricultural Committee session, chaired by the deputy chairman of the Committee Irakli Shiolashvili. Information and report about the activities carried within the current 10 months by the National Wine Agency was introduced by the Head of The National Wine Agency, Levan Mukhuzla. 

According to the reporter, it is important that in the last decade, one of the successful vintages was held – first of all, the country has received a record harvest, and secondly, the vintage has passed without subsidizing, which is undoubtedly the greatest achievement.

Levan Mekhuzla spoke about the programs implemented by the National Wine Agency, such as: "Vintage Promotion Measures", "Viticulture Development Measures", "Wine Laboratory Research", "Promotion of Georgian Vine Ration" and "Promotion of Popularization of Georgian Wine". According to his estimation, the results of these programs are that the export of Georgian wine has increased by almost 12% in the last 10 months of this year compared to last year and the amount of income from exported wine has increased by 20%.  According to the head of the Agency, the main aim of these activities is to make Georgian wine quality higher and more expensive, Georgian wine is already in the top five in the terms of average price. 

According to the Chairman of the National Wine Agency, updating of the legislative and normative documents of the industry due to the legislative amendments to the Law on Vine and Wine will be completed this year. 

"Large scale, measures have been implemented. As a result, Georgian wine is even more widely exported and a large amount of money is imported into the country. I would like to hope that the remaining two months will be even more productive and the National Wine Agency will get large-scale results this year. The state does everything to help the farmer and peasant to produce as many products as possible, "said Irakli Shiolashvili and wished the wines of the National Wine Agency more success. The Committee has received the information presented. 

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