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Presentation of Qvevri wine in Los-Angeles

 Presentation of Qvevri wine in Los-Angeles

Qvevri wine producer Georgian companies participated in the international wine exhibition RAW Wine ("The Artisan Wine Fair") in Los Angeles, USA. The exhibition is organized by the famous  expert of wine Isabel Lejeron (France). This was the second time "RAW Wine" was held in Los Angeles, and over 100 producers from different countries around the world participated in the event. Georgian wine was also presented last year.
With the support of the National Wine Agency, this year the following companies participated in the exhibition: "Gotsa Family Wines", "Tibaani", " Artana Wines", "Wine Thieves", "Akhmeta Wine house" and "Nikala Wine Cellar".
Visitors of the exhibition were able to taste Georgian Qvevri wine, get acquainted with the ancient traditions of its production, culture and history of the country. These companies also participated in the exhibition at the same format in New York in early November, "RAW Wine NY”.
"RAW Wine" is considered as one of the best wine exhibitions, where high-quality natural and biodynamic wine producers gather.
The introduction of Georgian wine in the USA,  the strategic market of Georgian wine export, increases the awareness of the Qvevri wine gives the opportunity to find potential importers and increases the export. According to the data of 10 months of current year, Georgia has exported 400 thousand bottles of wine (0,75 l) to the US, which exceeds the same indicator of the previous year by 1%.

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